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Stores Program and Health Food Seal

Our 'Healthy Food Seal' signage points store customers to shelves stock lean meat, fruit, vegetables and water.
The Store Branding component of the Thumbs Up! Program has been a particularly successful initiative when the signage is well managed and promoted.

'I tell them [customers] that's the right food, you've got to eat it, it's healthier. Sometimes they just see it themselves [labels]. Some people know what it means and others, we need to show them and tell them.'

- Local store staff member

Healthy Lifestyle Website

The Thumbs Up! Healthy Lifestyle Education Resource for teachers, students and schools, was developed in partnership with the NT Department of Education and Training. Featuring extensive lesson plans, activities and interactive games for children up to Grade 6, www.thumbsup.org.au is available free of charge.

Collaborative Initiatives

The Jimmy Little Foundation works to produce additional health services and resources in partnership with other organisations.

In November 2013, the Thumbs Up! Team visited Mutitjulu and supported the local health service in conducting men's health checks.

The 'purple truck' mobile dialysis unit, which the Foundation helped establish, services communities in the Northern Territory and is operated by the Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Aboriginal Corporation based in Alice Springs.

In association with The Fred Hollows Foundation and the women's centres of Manyallaluk, Gulin Gulin and Wugularr JLF produced the Kukumbat gudwan daga ('Really cooking good food') cookbook of recipes for up to 10 people in a pocket book edition.

'Without [JLF] coming I could not have done these two days of men's health checks. It grabbed people's attention and gotten them to come to the clinics to have health checks. I want [JLF] to come regularly!'