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The Jimmy Little Foundation works in Australia's most remote communities in consultation with Elders and Councils, government and non-government agencies, health and community services, and schools and individuals to ensure a healthy future for Indigenous Australians.

Our programs are wide-ranging and focussed on healthy outcomes and producing real results.

Good Tucker - Long Life School and Community Workshops

The Thumbs Up! Schools Program targets Indigenous children aged 5-16, but it also engages the community through special events and cook-ups. Focused on schools in remote communities, the Thumbs Up! Program has to date visited over 50 schools in outback regions all over Australia, educating and engaging hundreds of children. First piloted in 2009, the success of this program is evident in our videos of classrooms of happy, healthy kids singing along to the songs they help create. JLF makes nutrition education fun and interactive. A creative environment is established by incorporating music and new media into classroom learning that encourages healthy eating and active lifestyles, which prevents chronic illness and the health of future generations of Indigenous Australians.

The Jimmy Little Foundation also developed a Thumbs Up! Healthy Living schools curriculum resource, which has been delivered in all Northern Territory schools.

$1.2m of funding from Medicines Australia enabled the roll out of this innovative program that saw the dream of Uncle Jimmy substantially realised, and the core health objectives of the Foundation advanced.

The four key focus areas of the Thumbs Up! Program is the awareness (of good tucker), education, partnerships, and behaviour change. The foundation is hoping to secure further funding to ensure the continuation and growth of our ground-breaking programs.  

Mobile Dialysis Unit

The generous contribution of Medicines Australia also made Jimmy's dream of easing the burden of medical treatment for those in remote communities, many of whom are forced to leave their beloved country and families to access medical care.

The 'purple truck' mobile renal dialysis unit provides vital renal treatment that allows people to stay in their own community while receiving life-sustaining dialysis.

The Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjakt Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation WDNWPT in Alice Spring, NT, operates the existing unit and the Jimmy Little Foundation is hoping to secure funding for many more of these units throughout Australia.

Healthy Food Seal and Stores Program

Thumbs up! Seal and Stores Program helps customers of community stores identify the food items with the Uncle Jimmy's Thumbs Up! Seal of approval for healthy living. Participating stores also display Uncle Jimmy's 'Recipe of the Month', featuring healthy and easy-to-prepare family meals that provide an alternative to fast foods and foods with high fat and sugar content.

All stores run by ALPA (Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation) are now displaying the Thumbs Up! Signage and successfully employing the recipe of the month.
Over 40 Outback Stores across NT, Far North Queensland, WA and SA, have Thumbs Up! signage and recipe of the month displayed.
All Retail Stores Group outlets in Far North Queensland & The Cape are now displaying the Thumbs Up! Signage and successfully employing the recipe of the month.
The Department of Health and Ageing funded the program through its population health chronic disease prevention initiative to June 2014.

What we do

The Jimmy Little Foundation helps to improve the health of Indigenous children and families by employing a 'whole of community' approach. In consultation with Elders and Councils, government and non-government agencies, health and community services and stores and schools, the Foundation hosts school music and nutritional education workshops, cooking demonstrations and events, a healthy lifestyle website and a stores program and healthy food seal.

Community Engagement

The key to our successful delivery of programs is community consultation. The Foundation has two dedicated Community Project Officers who attend community meetings with Traditional owners and Elders groups and liaise with other key stakeholders and organisations working in the community. After a community invites us to deliver the program, the logistics are managed from our modest office in Sydney.

Kids from Ardyooloon in a Thumbs Up! workshop



Thumbs Up! Schools Program

Thumbs Up! Schools Program image
THUMBS UP! (Good tucker - Long life)  Nutrition education for children The Thumbs Up! Schools Program is aimed at Indigenous children aged 5-16. A creative environment using music and new media workshops in schools and community concerts is employed...
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Thumbs Up! Healthy Food Seal

Thumbs Up! Healthy Food Seal image
Stores Program and Health Food Seal Our 'Healthy Food Seal' signage points store customers to shelves stock lean meat, fruit, vegetables and water. The Store Branding component of the Thumbs Up! Program has been a particularly successful initiative ...
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@ Events

@ Events image
When we aren't in remote communities delivering programs, the Thumbs Up! team are often at other community events, conferences and corporate functions. People are always calling on us to participate in gatherings where health and long life are the...
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Mobile Renal Unit

Mobile Renal Unit image
The Jimmy Little Foundation successfully secured funding from Medicines Australia for a mobile renal dialysis truck based in Alice Springs that is managed and run by the Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (WDN...
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Return to Country

Return to Country image
"People on dialysis need to get back out there to their communities for cultural reasons, to be there with the family, to be there with the other relations and make themselves happy. All the renal patients should have this chance to go out and have ...
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Medicines Australia & JLF

Medicines Australia and The Jimmy Little Foundation joined forces in 2009 to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians a wonderful opportunity to grow stronger and live longer. In a relationship that has grown over the years, fundi...
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